Elevated Dog Feeders

Wrought Iron dog feedersOur stylish raised dog feeders with wrought iron or furniture quality wood and attractive stainless steel bowls will enhance your home's decor. The raised height has been proven to enhance proper digestion for your pet. We offer many sizes to accommodate all breeds, and an assortment of finishes for that designer look.

Benefits of our Raised Dog Feeders:

1. A raised dog feeder allows for proper chewing of food, as opposed to swallowing & gulping, slowing down the speed at which your pet eats.
2. Indigestion and gas problems are minimized, because feeding from a raised dog stand stops the inhalation of an excess amount of air while eating.
3. The raised bowl greatly reduces hip, back & neck strain while feeding, as it's adjusted to your pet's own level. Perfect for dogs with arthritis.
4. Feeding with an elevated dog bowl eliminates the need for your dog to bend over to eat meals, which eliminates the food mess on the floor.
5. Stainless steel bowls are hygienic and dishwasher safe and are included with the raised dog feeders.

A good general rule of thumb to choose the right size diner is:

Subtract approximately 4-6" from the wither height for large pets, Great Danes etc.
Subtract approximately 3-4" from the wither height for medium pets, Labrador, Bull Terrier, etc.
Subtract approximately 1-3" from the wither height for "toy/teacup" breeds.

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for delivery. These are beautiful high-end diners and take a bit of time to make for you!

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