Dog Bed FAQ

What size dog bed should I buy?

Here's a general guide:

  • 1 to 15 pounds: Small bed
  • 11 to 50 pounds: Medium bed
  • 51 to 100 pounds: Large bed
  • 101 to 200 pounds: Extra Large bed
  • 200 plus pounds: Extra Extra Large bed

You can also measure your dog head to tail in his favorite sleeping position, add a little extra, and select your bed based on your dog's length.

Can you wash the inner filling?

Yes, the entire bed can be washed. However, the high mememory foam filling - optionally available on some beds - cannot be washed. It is, however sealed in a water resistant polypropylene lining.

Are your beds water repellent?

Our fabrics are all water repellent. That means that if your pet has an accident, it will not soak into the inner cushion and can be wiped off. An extra added feature on most products.

All our beds have a waterproof option for the inner pillow only. Specify the Nylon option when ordering.

What is High Density Foam?

High memory fiber fill and density foam provide your dog with the utmost orthopedic comfort. All high density or memory foam inserts are encased with a water and soil resistant polypropylene liner. For this reason, the foam portion of the bed should not be washed. The construction of our foam products follows furniture industry standards. You will be glad to know we don't use any adhesives or chemicals on any products.

Visco-Elastic Memory foam was developed in the 1960's with the latest space age NASA technology. Visco-Elastic has higher density then regular foams and is made of cells, which open and close to adjust to weight and temperature. In normal temperatures memory foam is firm but when your dog lays down it reacts to your dog's temperature. Designed to mold to their body, our new generation of high memory fill offers similar properties, cradling your dog in comfort and support.

High Density foam is available as an option on certain dog beds. Specify the foam option when ordering.

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